Metro finds that current development patterns, underutilized properties and marginal uses are inconsistent with Jersey City’s goals for the West Side and prepares a formal Area in Need of Redevelopment Investigation and Redevelopment Plan for the City. 


The area contains a mix of older industrial properties, some commercial properties along West Side Avenue, University and educational uses, abandoned railroad rights-of-way and utilities, vacant land, vacant buildings and some residential uses near the north end of the study area along West Side Avenue.

The goals of the plan were:

  • Redevelop the area in a manner consistent with Smart Growth principles and Transit Oriented Development (since the area is proximate to a light-rail station).
  • Strengthen West Side Avenue as a mixed-use neighborhood commercial area.
  • Improve the commercial environment along West Side Avenue through streetscape improvements and uniform urban design guidelines.
  • Allow for mixed-use building of retail/commercial on the ground floor and residential above.
  • Allow for the conversion of appropriate existing industrial buildings to primarily residential uses, including loft style live/work spaces.
  • Create a new primarily residential community on the west side of West Side Avenue through new development and infill development.


The resulting plan is guiding the redevelopment and transition of an older industrial area of Jersey City into a more vibrant, mixed-use and transit oriented neighborhood.