The Unity Square Partnership retained The Metro Company to develop a revitalization strategy for Remsen Avenue.  This included:

  • Conducting stakeholder meetings
  • Researching the City’s existing master plan and zoning requirements for Remsen Avenue
  • Providing a photographic inventory of all properties in the study area
  • Creating maps, designs and conceptual plans and drawings for streetscape improvements and redevelopment options
  • Estimating costs and developing financial pro-formas for a variety of proposed improvements and uses.


Remsen Avenue is located in the center of the Unity Square neighborhood of New Brunswick in Middlesex County, New Jersey.  It functions as the defacto central business district for the neighborhood.

The Unity Square Partnership (led by Catholic Charities) recognized the importance of a thriving and vibrant Remsen Avenue. The final plan would not only help advance some of the economic development goals in the overall neighborhood, it would also provide its own set of strategies and recommendations unique to Remsen Avenue.

Metro collaborated with Kramer + Marks Architects to devise an innovative physical plan for the area.  Unique to the plan was the financial analysis that our office undertook to complement and augment the initial planning and design studies.  We tested financial feasibility and identified funding possibilities for various alternatives.

This was based on detailed development budgets and operating pro-formas and itemized cost estimates for streetscape and façade improvements.


The result was a true community based revitalization strategy that was embraced and endorsed by both the Director of Planning and Development and the Mayor of the City of New Brunswick.

Rendering by Kramer + Marks Architects