The Metro Company was asked to completely revise the City of East Orange’s combined Land Use and Development Code to conform to and implement the recommendations contained within the City’s revised Master Plan. 


The new and improved Zoning Ordinance, incorporates both conventional and form-based codes, and is designed to be completely up to the minute in terms of modern planning and zoning practice. The City was also concerned about the very poor sign quality and existing visual blight caused by its own sign regulations. East Orange's existing sign code was legalistic, wordy and very difficult to use by both the City and applicants for sign permits. Our firm, in collaboration with Brown & Keener Urban Design, also prepared a complete update to the City’s sign code that is current and state of the art. 


The new zoning and sign regulations are user friendly and graphically oriented.  They provide a visual context and contain three-dimensional renderings, maps and other easy to understand requirements for both applicants and City offiicials. The new and completely revised Land Use and Development Code and Sign Ordinance is a thoroughly modern and easy to understand zoning document that will carefully and thoughtfully guide the future development and redevelopment of the City of East Orange.