The Metro Company served as planning, housing and financial consultants to Bitonti Development and was responsible for arranging and securing all of the financing, including tax credits, and various public and private funding sources.


The Glasstown Residence at River Park in Millville, New Jersey, is not only New Jersey’s first green affordable senior housing building, it is a successful reuse of a former landfill.

Public and private partnerships and economic incentives provided the tools to complete the cleanup and redevelopment of a former landfill transforming it into a sustainable LEED certified affordable housing project that provides 74 apartments for seniors. 

The development was made viable through the efficient and effective use of financial resources as well as partnerships that enabled reviews from all agencies to be completed in a timely and cost effective manner. This allowed this project to move forward to completion only a year after the landfill closure plan was approved. 


Green strategies that protect the health of building occupants and the environment can be found inside an outside the development.  The incorporation of LEED certification provides a way for residents to manage their long-term energy costs, a key benefit for the fixed income seniors that live at the facility. In addition to the LEED certification, the completed project also incorporated New Jersey Green Homes design criteria as well as Energy Star program requirements. 


From concept through completion, this project demonstrates the potential for creative financing and successfully applying green building strategies to affordable housing projects.