Gregory School, Long Branch
Historic Conversion


The Metro Company, LLC is co-developing this historic redevelopment project in Long Branch, New Jersey along with Conifer Realty, LLC and the Long Branch Housing Authority.


The project entails converting the former Gregory School to a 116-unit senior housing complex in two separate phases.  The first phase, consists of 65 units of mostly one-bedroom apartments, which are located in the restored school building and in the new building that was added onto the existing school.

The Gregory School is a designated historic site by the National Park Service. As a result, the development team maintained and restored the building’s façade and certain aspects of the interior, including the auditorium, where various services and activities will take place for the use and enjoyment of residents.


"The exciting part about the project is the combination of historic preservation and new construction for seniors. The other piece is that this project will result in a $16 million redevelopment, which is a significant amount of money that the housing authority is able to bring into the community from outside investments.” says Stuart Portney, president of the Metro Company, LLC.